THB 1,750

Captivating Grape Royale brings you to a serene walk through a lush vineyard, surrounded by sweet aroma of ripe, succulent grapes. It creates a burst of freshness that instantly awakens your senses for invigorating and uplifting experience.


At the heart of Grape Royale lies the alluring passion fruit, known for its rich and exotic aroma. Its sweet and tangy nuances create a vibrant and energetic opening to instantly awaken the senses. As the fragrance unfolds, the delicate essence of Neroli dances gracefully to add a touch of floral elegance. The combination of Passion Fruit and Neroli creates a harmonious balance that captivates and intrigues.


The intoxicating Grape note takes center stage, infusing Grape Royale with a burst of freshness and juiciness. The Grape accord evokes images of sun-kissed vineyards, with its sweet and slightly tart aroma. It adds a layer of playful sophistication to the fragrance to ensure a unique and memorable olfactory experience.


To complete this extraordinary composition, Grape Royale is adorned with the enchanting Orange Blossom. Its delicate white petals emit a soft floral aroma to add depth and complexity to the fragrance. The Orange Blossom note lends a touch of elegance and refinement to elevate Grape Royale to new heights.